Hints to customize your calendar

Below is a list of tips on how to properly utilize McMurray All Connected’s calendar to suit the way you may want to use it:


In order to view specific categories you may select/deselect the categories you wish to view. By default certain categories that may hold large amounts of dates are deselected by default, this is done so that you are not overwhelmed with one particular category. See screenshot below.

Calendar View

You may change the layout of how the calendar is viewed by selecting Stream, then you can select the type of calendar view that best suits you. By default it is set to Stream.


Importing Filtered Calendar to another Calendar Client

You may have a preferred email client you wish to use, that could be Outlook, Thunderbird, iCal, or Google Calendar. If you select Subscribe to filtered calendar, this will open your email client that you have setup and it should ask if you would like to subscribe to the calendar. If you have Google Calendar, your web browser will direct you to login to your Google Calendar account, and will ask you if you would like to subscribe to the filtered calendar.

Note, select all the categories you wish to subscribe to prior to clicking either one of these buttons.


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